• About Ubud 69 Tattoo

    Ubud 69 Tattoo is the one of the best tattoo studio located
    in Ubud, Bali. We are working with a professional tattoo artist
    and studio atmosphere which was clean and comfortable. Your
    satisfaction is our priority, Ubud 69 Tattoo Always will give
    you a different impression when on holiday in Bali

    Your satisfaction is a priority, we've got a lot of customers
    are satisfied with the results of our tattoo, that nuanced of
    bali. Balinese culture was very famous, many people come to Bali
    want to see the Blinese culture, so ubud 69 tattoo also make a
    tattoo with a strong Balinese culture, such as the barong and etc.

    For more information please contact us!